• Use a soft lint free cloth for cleaning. Dampen with water and gentle soap. Do not use solvent based cleansers, Pledge, Murphy's Oil or furniture polish as they will shorten the life of the finish.
  • Protect your painted furniture by using placemats, coasters or felt pads. Remember it can take 30 days for paint to fully cure.
  • Do not place hot items such as cups, candles or dishes directly on furniture as it can damage the finish.
  • Do not scrub or use abrasives.
  • Clean up spills immediately with a damp lint free cloth.
  • Dark painted furniture should be dusted and cleaned with dark clothes to avoid pilling on the paint. 
  • Heavier cleaning can be done by making a simple homemade cleanser using 16 oz. water, 1 tablepoon white vinegar and a drop of blue Dawn soap. 
  • NOTE* We prep and refinish our pieces not only to last but make them almost as good as new. One thing that we do is clean, sand, disinfect, deodorize and often seal the drawers and cabinet insides to remove any odors. We do not refinish furniture with animal or smoke odors as they are the most difficult to eradicate. We do not sell furniture that has an odor. However, older wood can occasionally be stubborn even after rigorous cleaning. If you find that an odor returns here are a few steps to take to refresh the drawers and cabinet insides again.  Clean with 50/50 mix of water & white vinegar. Spray them with Odoban. Let them sit in the sunshine outside for a few hours. Apply Johnsons Feed & Wax to the inside and underneath of drawers and inside cabinets with a lint free cloth. Let dry before adding items back into the drawers. You can also put potpourri saches in drawers to add a fragrance.