Meet the artist

I'm Alicia and I am the owner and artist at Revive In Style. With a passionate background in interior styling, arts & design I made a smooth transition into furniture redesign in 2015 after dabbling in a few personal home furnishings projects. Since then, I've had the privilege of breathing new life into countless vintage furniture pieces which have made there way across the country and up and down the eastern seaboard. Each one has its own story to tell, and it's my job to paint those stories with a brush of creativity. I'm thrilled to offer a curated collection that includes the european charm of French Country, the glitzy allure of Vintage Glam, the timeless nostalgic of Grandmillennial, the whimsical comfort of Cottage Chic, the rustic simplicity of Modern Farmhouse, and the soothing serenity of Coastal decor. Each style is a unique expression of beauty, and I revel in blending these influences to create pieces that truly stand out. But I'm not just about aesthetics; I believe in balance and positivity. As a spiritual person and a true and through Libra, harmony is my mantra. Maintaining a serene and positive environment in my business is non-negotiable because I know it brings out the best in my creativity. When you bring a piece of Revive In Style into your home, you're not just adding furniture; you're inviting balance and artistry into your life.

"Creative minds shouldn't think alike" is a quote I hold dear, as it reminds me that true creativity knows no boundaries.

–Alicia Marusky


Decor & Crystals
The shabby chakra

Imagine this: a whimsical haven where glamour, charm, nostalgia, and serenity coexist. I always harbored the dream of owning a boutique like this, where the mystical and the enchanting waltz side by side. A place where new and old high-five each other like old pals. People had been asking me for years when I'd sprinkle some decor into my furniture business, and my response was always, "When the stars align."

Then, in March 2023, something extraordinary unfolded. After a heartbreaking farewell to my dear cat Cooper, I took a day to go shopping for some healing crystals to add to my ever-growing collection. Seeking serenity and peace, I headed to the shore, making a beeline for my favorite crystal haunts by the beach. It was there, beneath the ironic full moon, that I crossed paths with a majestic puppy with piercing celestial blue eyes, looking for a loving home. It felt like more than just happenstance. It was a cosmic message too loud to ignore. Without a concrete plan or a second thought, I brought her into my world. Her name? Chakra. She swiftly introduced a fresh kind of chaos, ultimately bringing balance to my life.

In those initial weeks of getting to know Chakra, we went on treasure hunts at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales. She rode in her stroller, loving every moment. I found myself chatting with her as if she was my trusty business sidekick.

Then, one day, as I surveyed the trove of treasures we'd gathered, it hit me: this isn't merely a pastime anymore; this is the dream! The stars had aligned, and the Shabby Chakra Collection was born. The vision is as clear as a Quartz crystal: if it's pretty, whimsical, magical, mystical, unique, sparkly, artistic, inspirational, enchanting, or one-of-a-kind— if I'd scoop it up for my own abode—then it finds a place here.

Welcome, dear kindred spirits, to the enchanting realm of The Shabby Chakra Collection 💖.